Who are the Kurds? And where is Kurdistan?

The Kurds are the world’s largest nation without a state. Kurdistan is divided between Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria. The division of our land and our people took place in the aftermath of the First World War...

Since that time, Kurds in all of the four parts of Kurdistan have lived under brutal regimes which have denied us the most basic human and political rights. Any voice of dissent or resistance has been answered with brute force and extreme violence, including the widespread use of chemical weapons against innocent civilian populations.

We believe the Kurdish people have the right to self-determination and also have the right to establish an independent Kurdish state, through democratic means. To this end we aim to obtain the signatures of at least 100,000 people resident in the UK (Kurds and non-Kurds) by 12/8/2012 to ensure that the issue of Kurdish Independence is debated in the British House of Parliament.

Who are we?

We are activists in the UK, we want to stand up for social justice, youth, and the freedom of the Kurds in the modern world of democracy and civilization rights (within the British and International laws). We hope to spread our word through the modern world's technology and social networking. In exchange we are hopeful to initiate an 'Independent Kurdish State' with the help of YOU and the British Government.

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There is a saying among the Kurds: “No friends but the mountains.” For, indeed, the world has scarcely noticed
when century after century, conqueror after conqueror has driven these once nomadic tribes deep
within their beloved mountains to preserve their culture, their language and their lives.

Why was this campaign held in the UK?

Britain has historical and moral obligations towards the Kurdish people arising from its actions when it was granted the Iraq mandate at the end of the First World War. In addition, there is also a substantial and well-organised Kurdish community in the UK made over 1/4 a million of Kurds. Therefore we urge the British government to support the Kurds national ambition which is to establish an independent Kurdish state.

How can you help?

Although this campaign has finished. The Kurdish ambition for an independent state is yet to be filled. Future campaigns and movements are to be expected, hence we kindly urge everyone for their continuous support towards our cause in the future. Thank you.